Online Shopping Discount & MWR for Government Employees and their families!



Government Employees

The ExchangeShopping Marketplace is proud to introduce an online shopping benefit for government employees, contractors, retirees and their families.  You will find a growing range of products from select retailers that have met strict guidelines for safety, security and privacy. There are MILLIONS of products currently available from leading brands you already buy.

Benefits include special discounted prices on every purchase without the need for coupons or rebates.  By shopping on the ExchangeShopping Marketplace, YOU can make a difference to YOUR ORGANIZATION because a contribution is made to your employee benefits fund with every purchase you make.

Look for the ExchangeShopping logo at your Agency’s site or by visiting


Employee Benefits Coordinators

The ExchangeShopping Marketplace is the leading marketplace solution for member-based organizations  deploying a 100% organization-branded site and can work seamlessly with an organization’s website to achieve a complete and continuous online community experience.  The only access is through the organization’s website.  The program enables organizations to offer MILLIONS of products from leading retailers offering exclusive, contractual discounts to your organization’s employees, members, supporters and their families. The ExchangeShopping Marketplace features no link-offs, guaranteed savings, organization contributions and more.


The ExchangeShopping Marketplace accepts organizations that meet program guidelines.  The program aims to strengthen the organization’s online community, while continually striving to increase its unique value. There is no cost to organizations!  If your organization would like to participate, please Apply Today.